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Learn to surf

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If you have never surfed before, you can expect it to be difficult, because it is. However, our instructors will have you standing up and riding in no time because they are experienced and well qualified. If you have surfed before and you are able to catch waves and ride them, our coaches will help you to improve your level of surfing and push your limits.

Before I go ahead and explain any further, it is important to know that your life may take a bit of a turn after experiencing the ‘stoke’.

1) Waking up before sunrise to go for a dawn patrol.
2) Ditching your evening plans with your mates so you can get an early start.
3) Moving to a house closer to the ocean.
4) Trading your regular job for something more flexible/part-time.
5) Checking the surf forecast more regularly than your work e-mail.
6) Calling your boss, mother or spouse ‘bru’ or ‘dude’.
7) Trading your current spouse for a new surfer dude/dudette.
8) Collecting shells on the beach (frowned upon if you’re a dude).
9) Develop a love for the smell of sun-cream and wax.
10) Trade your car in for a VW Kombi.
11) Pee on yourself (in your wetsuit but it’s the same thing).
12) Tanned and sun-bleached hair.
13) Drawing waves in your diary.
14) Mind-surfing.
15) Choosing holiday destinations based on surf spots.

You can expect to learn the following:

1. Fitness
2. Safety precautions
3. Learning to surf
4. Surf etiquette
5. Surf fore-casting
6. Types of surf equipment

Our lessons are two hours long and take place three times a week. We guarantee you, you will be standing up and riding a wave in your first lesson. There will be plenty of time for you to free surf.