Each week after school the children participate in two surf sessions and three education classes, complemented by daily nutritious meals.

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Surfing is the life and soul of Surfpop. As a sport, surfing connects the children with the beauty and power of the ocean. Each week the children join two team-focused surf sessions in Muizenberg that start with a yoga and fitness routine and are complemented by swimming lessons and breathing exercises. Surfing improves the children's physical health, boosts their mental wellbeing, perseverance and self-belief, promotes their prosocial behaviour and strengthens their resilience to the challenges in their communities. To nurture the love for the ocean, Surfpop organises monthly beach clean-ups with the children that educate them about the importance of caring for the environment.

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.”

– Nelson Mandela

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Education is an important element of the Surfpop formula. Each week after school, the children attend two education classes. During the classes the children are supported with their homework and with their Maths and English. Surfpop designed digital Maths courses tailored to the local curriculum and learning level of each child with Khan Academy, a globally recognised developer of online education courses. The courses promote high-quality learning, make learning fun and boost computer savviness. The education sessions start with 10 minutes of breathing and meditation and are complemented by energising life skills exercises focused on presentation skills, critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

Each month, Surfpop facilitates a workshop in partnership with a local organisation or business that introduces the children to new vocations. These glimpses into different activities open their eyes to a world of dreams and possibilities. Surfpop complements these workshops by life coaching to promote the children’s psychosocial development, help them realize their dreams and prepare them for tertiary education or employment.

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Before and after each surf or education session, Surfpop provides the children with a nutritious meal to give them an extra boost in the water and extra mental clarity when solving problems in the classroom. The meals are accompanied by nutrition education that teaches the children about the health benefits and origins of fruits, vegetables and other types of food.

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To ensure long-lasting change, the beneficiaries benefit from these three activities throughout their schooling, after which Surfpop supports them with entering tertiary education or obtaining a decent job. The affiliated volunteer and tourism business, wherein Surfpop volunteers are hosted in Muizenberg and provided with surf lessons and tours around the Cape Peninsula, and the wide network of Friends of Surfpop can provide for such job opportunities.

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